The Characteristics Of A Successful Business Owner

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As you know, I am dedicated to helping business owners to build thriving and successful businesses.

And I’m often asked why I think some business owners only just SURVIVE in their businesses while others really THRIVE?

So I thought I would share some of the key characteristics I’ve observed about successful business owners over the years and share them with you:

1.  They take responsibility

A successful business owner never blames anyone else for their failures. Modern society, in particular large parts of the media, encourage us to play the blame or victim game – “It’s somebody else’s fault ….”. .  A successful business owner does not have that mindset. In short, they do not blame, they learn from their mistakes and they learn from other people’s mistakes as well!

2. They take quick decisive action

A successful business owner is very action orientated.  When they see an opportunity, they jump on it. They go after their goals wholeheartedly. They are decisive and they keep up with the fast moving world we live in.

3. They listen to the right people

Everyone has a view these days but not all views and opinions are equal. A successful business owner will listen to advice but they make sure it’s coming from the right people – people who are qualified with experience in their field.

4. They are marketing focused

A successful business owner will focus on marketing. They understand the importance of getting out there and selling their stuff – and they do it every day!  A successful business owner also spends time improving their marketing skills.

5. They understand the importance of learning

A successful business owner is constantly learning. They attend courses and they sign up to online programmes but they don’t just listen to anyone – they seek out experts. A successful business owner knows that they will get a great return on investment for every penny they spend on improving their education – as long as they learn from the right people (remember, characteristic 3).

6. They welcome feedback

A successful business owner welcomes feedback because it’s a great way to learn.  They are very good at listening and interpreting in the right way.  Too many business owners get very defensive and their refusal to see or hear the obvious costs them a lot of money and potentially their entire business. Not smart – remember the first characteristic was about learning, not blaming!

How Do You Score?

Even if you don’t have all of these characteristics, don’t fret.  The good news is that they can all be learned or cultivated.   Why not put a plan together to build and adopt the characteristics you don’t currently possess and if you’d like to find out how Creating Results can help then book your FREE consultation now.

Until next time, remember …

Knowing where you are already strong and where you need to build strength is key to your success.

Stephanie Thomas

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