Clean Up Your Business This Spring

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As a season of new beginnings, Spring is the perfect time to think about some of the ways you can clean up your business.  

There are lots of different things you can do to re-invigorate sales as winter fades and the warmer weather approaches.  Here’s just four simple things you can start working on straight away:

Tip #1:  Focus on your customers

All business owners extol the virtues of their business but so many fail to highlight the benefits they offer to their customers.

Are you making the mistake of focusing too much on the business itself and the key features it offers?   Take some time to look at and listen to what you say – do you see and hear “I” “We” or “Our” in all your communications?

Clean up your business by removing the “me” and “us” from your conversations and communications and focus on your customers’ wants and needs instead.

You need to explain how you are going to give them exactly what they are looking for, how you are going to look after them throughout their journey and how you will completely exceed their expectations along the way.

Tip #2:  Listen to your customers

Do you make the mistake of trying to “sell” to your customers all the time?  Do you spend more time shouting about why your product or service is the best rather than listening to your customers?
When’s the last time you put yourself in your customers’ shoes?  You need to discover their obstacles to buying and then do everything you can to remove them.

Clean up your business by asking the right questions and then listen carefully to the answers.  You’ll discover everything you need to know to help convert the visitor into a customer for life who then recommends you to everyone they know.

Tip #3:  Ensure your customers stay with you

So many business owners I meet are laser-focused on finding new customers. That’s great because customer acquisition is important but it’s just as important to make sure your current customers are sticking around too.

Clean up your business by creating mutually beneficial relationships that are transformative, not just transactional.  Remember, your customers give you far more than their money; they give you their trust and trust is the currency of excellent customer relationships.

Tip #4:  Embrace new methods of customer acquisition

When did you last do something new to attract new customers?   Clean up your business by adding some different marketing pillars to your marketing strategy.  Maybe you’ve thought about trying social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter – go ahead and test it out.  If you’re already friending, connecting and tweeting, then why not give the old-school method of networking a try and meet over coffee or lunch with a customer or prospective business partner.

Until next time, remember …

When you clean up your business, it will sparkle with more profitability and you’ll clearly see your bottom line grow more than ever.

Stephanie Thomas

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