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In today’s competitive world, every advertising message or marketing piece that you create, whether online or offline, has to work extremely hard to get noticed.

You need to grab your target customer’s attention the minute they pick up your flyer, spot your advert, see your email or land on your web page and the single biggest key to achieving this is your Headline.

First Impressions Count

The very first words you write at the top of your page or in your subject line have a huge impact. Your headline is the single biggest factor that determines whether someone decides to start reading your marketing piece or simply doesn’t bother.

If your flyer, postcard or letter goes straight into the bin or the reader ignores your email or web page and moves straight onto the next one then it won’t matter how long you spent carefully crafting every word – nobody will read it.

Get the headline right and it will create enough excitement or intrigue to force people to read on. Get it wrong and you can wave goodbye to more sales.

Great Headline Formulas

I know that you’re a busy person and that it’s not easy to sit down for an hour and focus on crafting that perfect headline so I thought I’d just share two of my favourite headline formulas to help you to speed up your headline writing process.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to find the perfect headline in 60 seconds but hopefully it will help you to get your creative juices flowing and give you plenty to work with.

The Command Headline

The command headline tells your potential customers exactly what to do and compels them to take action, for example:

• Call now to request your FREE book
• Read this before you book your next break away
• Enrol now and transform your business in 90 days

The Question Headline

The question headline should pose an interesting question that your readers will be intrigued by and want to know the answer to, for example

• What do our VIP clients know that you don’t?
• Are you tired of working 18 hour days?
• Who else wants FREE training and support?

So that’s just my two favourite tried and tested headline formulas that you may be able to introduce into your marketing material.  If you’d like to learn lots more plus a whole host of copywriting secrets and strategies then I’d be happy to show you how to really maximise Direct Mail marketing in your business.  Just book a 1-2-1 training session.

Until next time, remember …

When creating any advert, promotional flyer or marketing email use a headline that is strong enough to compel everyone to read the whole marketing piece and that will leave the reader thinking “I’d be mad not to!”

Stephanie Thomas

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