The Hidden Power Of Great Customer Service

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Good customer service is the lynch-pin for a successful business!

Now, I’m not really trying to tell you something you already know but you will be surprised at how many businesses I come across whose customer service leaves something to be desired.

Customer Service plays an integral role in a business’s ability to generate income and revenue and therefore is a fundamental part of your strategy and focus.

The provision of a service to customers before, during and after a purchase encapsulates the whole of a ‘customer service experience’ and as such can influence the entire perception a customer has of the business / organisation.

Here are my basic rules for GOOD customer service:

#1:  Answer the phone

If you are unavailable because of meeting commitments then organise ‘call forwarding’ or an ‘answering service’ – but make sure that your customers speak to a real person as opposed to a recorded, automated service.

#2:  Be reliable

Whatever you do, do not make promises if you cannot keep them.

#3:  Listen and pay attention

Let the customer speak and answer with appropriate solutions and suggestions.

#4:  Deal with complaints

And deal with them quickly and efficiently!

#5:  Be helpful and make that extra effort

Even if there is no immediate gain!  A potential customer will remember and comeback in the future and will also pass on any good experiences to friends, family and colleagues – building up good customer relations and loyalty.

#6:  Train your staff well

Ensure they are always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable.

#7:  Throw in ‘a little extra something’

It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, just something that will cement your company’s image in a positive light. Build upon that foundation of good customer relationships and loyalty.

In addition, it is worth recognising that nowadays with the predominance of web-based sales and marketing opportunities that potential custom is often generated ‘out of hours’.

A small business cannot practically employ an around-the-clock telephone customer service but IS able to advertise the times when the office is open and can also commit to replying to a query within a specific time-frame.

Until next time, remember …

Good customer service depends upon actively following-up on these promises and ensuring that every customer feels valued and important – whatever the weather and whatever the time of day – or night!

Stephanie Thomas

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