The Secrets To Writing Effective Emails

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Email is a brilliant tool!  It’s cheaper to send 1,000 emails than it is to send one letter and I learned a long time ago that every time I send an email to my list I get business – without fail.

So, if you’re not already, then I seriously encourage you to start sending regular emails to your list – and to new enquirers.  Never forget – it’s not your customers job to remember to do business with you – it’s your job to remind them!

But how do you prevent your emails from being flung in the ‘trash bin’ without even seeing the light-of-day?  There are lots of secrets to writing effective emails and I thought I’d share just five of them with you today:

Tip #1.  Personalise
Tip #2.  Position
Tip #3.  Persuade
Tip #4.  Perfect
Tip #5.  Press Send

Tip #1.  Personalise  

Your email needs to immediately build a relationship with the recipient:

  • Where possible, use the recipient’s name in the greeting line and once or twice elsewhere in the email.
  • Ensure that your email address is personalised too – avoid using the automatically generated ‘do-not-reply’ email addresses.
  • Create intrigue by using a powerful subject line – you want the email to actually get opened.
  • Note that phrases like “Please Read”, “Your Action Required” or “A Little Favour” actually work!

Tip #2.  Position 

Your email needs to position you as the expert or the go-to-person:

  • Make sure your email highlights how you are different from your competitors.
  • Know your audience and make sure that you highlight the benefits to them.
  • The opening sentence should familiarise the reader to your reason for writing.
  • Get to the point of your email as soon as possible; busy people value brevity.

Tip #3. Persuade

Your email should convince the reader to do one thing … buy!

  • Highlight why your service or offering is better than your competitors
  • Appear confident and authoritative and emphasise reliability and consistency.
  • Provide social proof in the form of testimonials or awards and accolades.
  • Focus on just one call-to-action and make it easy – call, email or click.

Tip #4. Perfect

Remember, first impressions count so once you’ve finished writing your email you need to:

  • Proof-read it.
  • Proof-read again.
  • Get someone else to proof-read it.
  • Put it to one side for a day and then proof read it again!

And finally …

Tip #5.  Press Send

From my experience, thousands of emails never actually get sent!  So many times business owners write a great marketing email but then start worrying that it doesn’t sound right or it isn’t perfect and it never gets sent.  Other times the email is 90% written but the business owner gets taken off on a tangent and never completes the task.  And, on so many occasions, they’re never even written!   How many times have you had an amazing marketing idea but never actually got around to doing something about it.

Until next time, remember ….

At the end of the day the most effective email is the one that is actually sent!  If you want to bring in more sales, build more relationships and drive more traffic to your website then you need to stop worrying about creating the perfect email and focus more on getting it actually sent.

Stephanie Thomas


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