Are You At Risk Of Your Business Crumbling?

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Do you have enough marketing pillars in your business?

When I talk about marketing pillars, what I mean is the number of different ways you have in your business of either bringing in new customers or getting previous customers to come back and buy again.

When you have lots of pillars the roof (i.e. your revenue) is very, very secure.  Even if one pillar falls down and crumbles, the roof does not move – that is why the Parthenon has remained standing for thousands of years – it had a lot of pillars!

You need more than one or two pillars

If your roof is supported by only one or two or even three pillars then if anything happens to one of them, your revenue can tumble and your business faces dire issues. That is why you need lots of pillars.

Right now, I have got 23 different marketing pillars supporting Creating Results. That means that even if one or more pillars fail it does not matter, we are resilient enough to cope.

So many times I see business owners dependent on just of couple of ways of getting customers.  If that’s you, then the good news is – it’s an easy fix. Building new pillars requires work and effort and thought but there is nothing inherently difficult or complex about it.

You need plenty of pillars

Having plenty of pillars to support your marketing is especially smart when times are changing fast.  Things that have worked historically start to wane and new opportunities emerge. Those businesses with lots of pillars are the ones best equipped to thrive – which is why this is so important.

Because things are changing

For example, at the moment email marketing can be hugely effective for all businesses and I absolutely recommend it as one of your pillars – preferably at least weekly and with every email part of a much bigger campaign.

But email marketing has been around for some time, it’s not the new kid on the block!  And the younger generation don’t have email accounts (other than to verify their logins for their social media profiles!), they all communicate via social media.

It might not be too long before email marketing will be a niche medium used only to communicate with the over 40’s. Don’t get me wrong, email marketing is still an important pillar today – but you’d better have other pillars in place as well to provide ‘support’ if that one starts to crumble.

You need to get well into double figures on your marketing pillar count, anything less and you are almost certainly leaving money on the table and placing your revenue in a less than stable position. 

Until next time, remember ….

Make sure do everything you can to ensure you constantly get in front of your prospective customers and stand out from the crowd.

Stephanie Thomas

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