When’s the last time you reviewed your marketing plan? 

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If it’s been a while then now would be a really good time to step back and look at your overall marketing efforts.

Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself that will help you to focus on your current and future plans to make sure they deliver the results you and your business need:

1.  What do you need your marketing to do for you?

Are you looking to expand your online presence, bring in more direct sales, generate more enquiries or break into a different target market? Will the activities you have in your marketing plan still deliver these things for you?

2.  Where are your marketing pounds most effective?

Look at your current marketing plan and compare it to your actual results. Are you achieving the results you expected? What’s working best for you and why?

3.  What isn’t working for you?

More importantly, if things aren’t working do you understand why?  Is it because you have the wrong marketing pillars in place for your aims or do you need to tweak the execution to make them work more successfully?

4. Are you on track?

If you stick to what you’re doing, are you confident you’ll hit your targets and achieve your goals?  If not, why not and what do you need to change to get back on track?

It’s vital that you have a plan in place!

One of the biggest marketing mistakes I see business owners make is that they don’t have a clear marketing plan in place.

So many are jumping around from one idea to another without having planned steps for each marketing activity together with clear timescales. They listen to everyone saying ‘Do this’ or ‘Do that’ and they are trying all sorts of different marketing activities but because they are not doing any of them particularly well, quite often not even knowing why they’re doing them, they’re not getting results.  Basically they are throwing their money and their time down the drain.

Until next time, remember …

If you want a thriving and successful business then you need to follow a clear plan and a proven system because when you do, everything easily falls into place AND you get the results you want. 

 Stephanie Thomas

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