The Secret To More Customers

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If You Want More Customers Then Create the WOW factor!

If you want more clients then you have to exceed customer expectations.

Real customer service is rare these days, VERY rare, and people just don’t expect it. So if you deliver great customer service people will remember you, they will talk about you and they will do business with you again.

You only have to read great testimonials to see that people always talk about the service they received before they even mention the price or the product or service itself.

Just take a few moments to think about your best recent buying experience?  What made it great and how much of what happened was a NECESSARY part of the sale? Think about a business that you really rave about – what do they do that makes the difference?

You have a H-U-G-E opportunity to provide great service to your customers!

You need to start getting friendly and start creating the WOW factor and then you’ll get more customers!  Here are some important facts to remember:

  • A customer doesn’t start talking until after they’ve bought from you.  They will either say something good about you, something bad about you or else they’ll say nothing at all. The great news is that your words and actions during their experience will get to determine which one it is!
  • Word of mouth advertising is worth 50 times more than normal marketing.
  • Memorable customer service can only take place in a person-to-person situation so think about creating WOW factors at every stage of the customer experience.
  • Your friendliness and willingness to help is in direct proportion to your success.  

You know how Great service really feels

You know what it’s like when you get great service so make sure you are creating the same feeling for your customers!  Think about how friendly you are to them, and I mean how friendly you REALLY are!  If a customer has a problem how good are you at solving it?

Until next time, remember …

The success of your business relies on how much you really care about your clients and not just their wallet.  When you learn how to give the WOW factor you can create something that will change your future forever.

Stephanie Thomas


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