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When’s the last time you reviewed your Facebook Page?

It’s vital that you take the time to regularly review your Facebook Page – this Social Media platform often changes and you need to ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest Facebook features.

I know that time is precious but try and take some time out over the next week to carry out an overview.  To help you, here are some of my top tips of things that you can review and, if necessary, amend on your  Facebook Page.

1.  Maximise your page’s cover photo

Did you know that Facebook now allows you to display your web address, your phone number, a call to action and more on your Page’s cover photo?  Don’t miss out on this powerful opportunity to market your business.

One thing I seriously recommend is that the branding of your cover photo is consistent with all your other marketing materials and your website.  People need to know they’ve found the right Facebook page!  And make sure you change your cover photo regularly – it’s a great opportunity to promote special offers and events – consider having different options that you rotate regularly.

2.  Maximise the use of tab apps

Tab apps are great ways to boost engagement on your Page. They offer interactive and incentive options that can draw visitors to your Page and boost engagement.

Are you using them to the best advantage? For example, does your page feature a tab app that lets visitors sign up for your e-newsletter or do you have a tab app that links to your client testimonials on your website?

You need to make sure that your apps stay up to date and that your most important apps are visible in the three slots below the cover photo.  Always use simple designs with simple fonts and consider using your cover photo to point to them.

3. Complete ALL your details

Depending on your chosen Page category, you are given different paragraph headings to complete from short and long descriptions to company overview and awards.  Make sure you maximise each section – they provide a huge opportunity for you to promote your business.  Each section needs to be up-to-date and describe the benefits you offer your clients.

4. Customise your Facebook URL

If your Facebook Page URL still has “pages” and a set of numbers in it, it’s time to move up to a custom username!  You can customise your Page web address by selecting a unique username that contains letters or numbers but no dashes, etc.

Your Facebook URL can be changed only once, after it is originally set, so choose wisely.  Adding a username to your Page makes it easier for people to find you on Facebook and your Page’s custom url can be used in marketing communications and more!  Click here to customise your Facebook URL.

5. Check your notification settings

When’s the last time you checked your notification settings?  Have a quick look and make sure that you have all notifications on so that you can quickly respond to comments, posts and messages on your Page.  Being aware of visitors’ interactions with your Page and responding to them quickly is the first step in good customer service.

Until next time, remember …

Regularly take a few moments to review your Facebook page – it really could be the difference between more sales and no sales!

Stephanie Thomas

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