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You Cannot Ignore Social Media Marketing

I‘ve said it so many times before, but if you want more customers then the one thing you cannot afford to do in your business is ignore Social Media.

When used correctly Social Media will not only help you to increase sales but it can also help you to get your website ranked higher in search engine results without having to pay ridiculous sums of money to SEO companies.

Social Media helps you to stand out from the crowd

Social Media is great for information sharing and profile building making it perfect for demonstrating exactly what your business has to offer.

Not only that, because you can find out how your customers and prospects feel about various issues, what their different needs are and exactly what they look for from your product or service, it can help you to meet their exact requirements ensuring you really stand out from the crowd.

The answer to your never-ending hunt for new customers

Even as you are reading this there are people looking for a product or service like yours and you’ve got exactly what they’re looking for.  The trouble is, they have NO IDEA that you exist. They don’t know about you or your business.  They have no idea what you offer.

You need to encompass Social Media marketing now if you want them to find you.  You need to engage in everything from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to YouTube, blogs, Google+ and find out which ones works best for you.

Already engaging in social media?  Maximise the potential!

If you are already engaging in Social Media Marketing then these 5 simple steps will help you maximise its potential even further:

1. IDENTIFY which social media platforms your target market uses most and really focus on using them to best effect

2. ENGAGE with your audiences by adding to discussions, providing your own insights, posing topical questions, starting interesting, possibly even controversial or edgy, new threads

3. RESPOND to comments and posts, to show you are listening, you do take notice and genuinely care about customer service

4. CAPTURE insights and use them to build a better understanding of your market… it’s easy to treat social media like a quick conversation and move on, but don’t miss valuable market data

5. TEST, MEASURE and REFINE everything you do.

Learn from the Masters

Spend some time exploring other people’s Social Media profiles – and not just those of your competitors, look at complementary businesses as well.  Check out the profiles of brands you admire and the brands your customers would be interested in.

Gather as much information from them about what works.   Look at how often they are posting and what times they are posting.   What exactly are they posting about? What is getting the most interaction – pictures, links, videos or questions?  Look at what is working for them and try to integrate that into your posts.  Also note what isn’t working and what you would do better.

Not engaging in Social Media could cost you!

If you’re not engaging in Social Media marketing then frankly, as long as you’re delighted with the number of customers you’re currently attracting, you probably don’t need to.

However, if you don’t have all the business you can handle then you need to learn the skills and techniques NOW.  You need to recognise the value in investing the time, money and resources needed to improve these much needed skills.

Until next time, remember …

When you implement successful Social Media marketing within your business you will never struggle to increase sales.

Stephanie Thomas


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