Mez-Mer-Eyez is a holistic and beauty therapy business based in Gloucester which offers a wide range of treatments.  The business was started in 2011 and is owned and managed by Marie House, a fully qualified holistic and beauty therapist.

Marie is a member of the Raise Your Game Club and has been working with Stephanie and the team since March 2015.  Here, Marie shares her experiences of working with Creating Results.

What made you realise you needed help with your business Marie?

I attended Creating Results ‘Raise Your Game’ seminar and realised that there was so much more potential to develop my business further.

What business growth and marketing skills did you previously possess and what skills did you want to learn?

I had no marketing skills even though I had been in business for 4 years!!  Most clients came through referrals and word of mouth but I wanted to be able to market to a wider audience and manage my business properly.

What’s the best thing about working with Stephanie and what’s the most important thing others should know about Creating Results?

Steph is honest with me and very knowledgeable and her down to earth approachable character means I can ask her absolutely anything.  She understands your frustrations as she’s been there and she offers real perspective. Business owners may think they’re successful but there’s always more to learn and more success to be had.

Would you therefore recommend Stephanie and the Raise Your Game club to other business owners?

Absolutely, as the support gives you confidence in yourself and your business and gives you the skills to understand, implement and plan for the future.

OK, so what new skills and knowledge have you gained as a result of working with Stephanie?

  • Effective marketing especially social media marketing
  • The power of positivity
  • Monitoring and measuring your business numbers
  • The confidence to take a calculated risk

What changes have you implemented in your business and what positive results have you already seen?

  • The creation and launch of my new website and branding.
  • I now have a social media marketing strategy in place that I manage effectively.
  • I create regular blogs and articles and promote these online.
  • I publish a monthly newsletter ‘Feeling Good’.
  • I have started to create eBooks to help me build my list.
  • The introduction of new packages.
  • Too many other things to mention!

As a result I have grown the business so much that I have been able to give up my part time job in order to concentrate on Mez-Mer-Eyez full-time – a huge step forward!

How do you think Steph’s continued support will help move your business forward in the future?

I have no doubt that Steph will help me to keep focused and help me to boost sales even further.  Her ongoing advice will guide me into the future and help me to achieve the goals I have set and to continue to achieve successful results.