Business Coaching and Mentoring Cheltenham

Nicky Read is the founder of The Camomile Rooms; a holistic therapy centre based in the heart of Cheltenham and its sister company, Nurture 4 Life, a specialist therapies centre for the various life stages: Pre-Conception, Pregnancy & Birth, Babies & Beyond.

Nicky has been working closely with Stephanie since January 2015 and here she shares her personal thoughts about the benefits of coaching and mentoring.

Business Coaching and Mentoring Cheltenham

Just Do It!

“Before I started working with Steph, things were going OK but I had no clear plan.  I had a vision for the future for my business but didn’t know where to start!

A colleague recommended Stephanie and I loved the benefits coaching and mentoring offered – straightforward, practical and effective advice and strategies that would enable me to seriously grow my business.

Steph is completely focused and delivers exceptional client care going above and beyond expectations.  Not only is she warm, friendly and takes the time to really understand business owners and their businesses but she is also totally committed to each client and her enthusiasm shines through!

I’ve seen so many results including a brand-new business which runs beautifully alongside my existing business!  I have real clarity with a proper plan and a vision.  I was definitely winging it before I began working with Steph!

Her expert advice enables me to make the best decisions both for me and my business.  I have seen a serious increase in clients, sales and profits.  I have a stronger hold on, and clearer understanding, of my business finances.  The support is amazing and it’s so good to know I’m not doing this alone anymore – this has been invaluable and possibly the most important aspect for me.

I now understand what I want and how I’m going to get there.  I’m able to make harder decisions in my businesses’ best interest, something I don’t think I’d have done before.  I’m also much more confident – I’m finally willing to push myself forward and out of my comfort zone.  I’ve definitely done things I wouldn’t have even entertained before working with Steph.

With more recommendations and referrals than ever before my businesses are becoming renowned and I’ve gained a whole host of awards and accolades in recognition of my success.

If you are thinking of working with Steph then just do it!  It’ll be the best business decision you’ll ever make.  Working with Steph has truly been a god-send as her knowledge, enthusiasm, commitment and experience is second to none!  You will experience so many ‘light-bulb moments’ and you’ll get A LOT of fantastic support, advice and encouragement.

I know that with Steph’s continued help and support I will take both my businesses to even greater heights and that’s an exciting prospect.  Steph’s ideas, proven strategies and tools will be key to continuing success and really taking things forward.”